Matthew Lee

Engineering President

As the Engineering President of the team, Matthew coordinates the design of the robot between all the engineering departments, plans and defines our goals throughout the year, and manages our plan for the 6 week build season. He was our programming captain last year, and also runs Titan Hack Club with Jeff. Matthew is also part of the Math Team and Science Team. His spirit animal is a horse.

Marcus Chua

Business President

Marcus is our Business President this year. He is in charge of the business, operations, and marketing aspects of the team, such as contacting sponsors, handling registration for events, communicating with teachers and parents, and delegating tasks to the rest of the business department. Outside of robotics, Marcus is an Eagle Scout, plays the trombone, and serves as the school’s Junior Class Treasurer. He enjoys playing chess and drinking boba, and his spirit animal is the panda.

Alec Cabalinan

Engineering VP of Manufacturing

Alec oversees mechanical design plans, ensures that the team has the necessary materials and tools, and manages the fabrication of the robot. He was our mechanical captain last year, and also tutors math to two elementary school students. Alec is also part of the science team, math team, golf team, and is concertmaster of the school’s symphonic orchestra. His spirit animal is the cougar.

Elise Hong

Engineering VP of Control Systems

Elise supervises the design of the electrical board and verifies the integrity of design plans. She was also electrical captain last year and has been in robotics since freshman year. She plays the tenor sax and is President of marching band. Elise is also the Vice President of ASB, Girl Up San Marino, and CSF, and participated in science team. Her spirit spirit animal is a red panda.

AJ Wong

Business VP of Operations

AJ supervises the rest of the business department and finance operations, and teaches new members of the team about business. Outside of robotics, he enjoys playing badminton and traveling. His spirit animal is a kingfisher bird.

Amanda Lopez

Business VP of Marketing

Amanda is Vice President of Marketing, which means that she is in charge of maintaining the team’s public image by way of publicity, outreach, and marketing. Outside of robotics, she participates in speech and debate, several school clubs, and plays the saxophone in marching band and jazz band. Her spirit animal is the tawny owl.

Julian Sze & Tavis Chen

Mechanical Captains

Our mechanical captains, Julian and Tavis, lead the prototyping and manufacturing of parts and mechanisms, and train new members in manufacturing skills. Julian enjoys playing games with friends and watching movies with his family. Julian’s spirit animal is the robot-sloth. Tavis is also a captain of the cross country and track team, secretary of Film Club, and treasurer of JTSA. He also competes in debate. Tavis’s spirit animal is the turtle.

Aiden Paek

CAD Captain

As the CAD captain, Aiden uses CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design the robot. After the CAD department creates the robot blueprints, the mechanical department follows the design to build the robot. He also plays tennis for San Marino High and likes to build PC’s. His spirit animal is the quokka.

Aaron Chen

Electrical Captain

Aaron will design and lead the construction of the electrical board for the robot. He will also train new members in wiring and circuit design. Outside of robotics, Aaron is captain of the JV tennis team, president of Film Club, and cooks. His spirit animal is the otter.

Jeff Wang

Programming Captain

Jeff will lead the programming of the robot. He will also train new programming members in Java, OOP, and how to code for FRC. His main goal for this year’s game is to further refine code and add more features. Expect the robot to outperform last year’s he notes. He also plays water polo and chess. Jeff’s spirit animal is the mantis shrimp.

Jeffrey Deng

Strategy Captain

Jeffrey, as strategy captain, will help our team design our robot to best fit the game rules, coordinate match strategies at competitions, manage scouting at competitions, and work with the drive team. Jeffrey has also worked in the field of programming throughout his past years in robotics. Outside of robotics, he is the president of Math Team and plays the clarinet in band. His spirit animal is the ostrich.

Dowson Yang

Financial Officer

As the financial officer, Dowson keeps track of the team’s funds throughout the year and handles reimbursements, purchases, deposits, and account transactions. He also searches for sponsorships and plans fundraisers. Outside of robotics, Dowson is on the Varsity Golf Team, San Marino Math Team, and Red Cross. His spirit animal is a panda.

Sophia Tran

Graphic Design Officer

Sophia, who is in charge of graphic design, creates logos, designs team apparel, and creates posters for our team. She also takes photos at events. Sophia is part of the girls tennis team and plays guitar. Her spirit animal is the snowy owl.

Yuxiang Zhang


Yuxiang updates the robotics team’s website. He also does programming work during the season, but you will most likely find him filing. He plays the alto sax in marching band and jazz band, and also enjoys playing piano. His spirit animal is the elephant. Studies have shown that elephants in the wild require only about 2 hours of sleep per day, if at all.

Ethan Chen

Events Coordinator

Ethan plans events and fundraisers and finds opportunities for community outreach. He also helps our team connect with other FRC teams. He is also the senior class president for the class of 2021 and is an active member of the league of legends community. His spirit animal is Julian.

Gavin O’Malley

Public Relations Officer

Gavin writes PRs (press releases) for our team to publish in the San Marino Tribune. He also assists with managing our social media, creates content to promote robotics, and makes sure that robotics has a positive presence in the community. His hobbies include longboarding and cartology, and his spirit animal is the fox.