Mr. Scott Barton

Mr. Scott Barton – San Marino High School

Mr. Scott Barton teaches AP Physics at San Marino High School and has been mentoring the Titanium Robotics Team for years. His main job is making sure that “the students leave with the same amount of fingers they came in with”. During building sessions, he can be found at his desk in the robo room, supervising the kids and giving them advice when necessary, about both engineering and life in general. He is the cornerstone of the team and our head adviser, so he has his own spirit animal: the Sloth.


Mr. Robert French

Mr. Robert French – The Boeing Company

Mr. Robert French works with composites at Boeing. His generosity, skills, and humor make him an essential part of the team and his invaluable contributions have helped the team improve exponentially to what it is today. As a thank you to Mr. French, as well as The Boeing Company, every year, we bring our robot to Boeing’s Family Day, teaching the kids more about engineering and the ideals of FIRST Robotics.

Solomon Chang

Mr. Solomon Chang

Mr. Solomon Chang – California Institute of Technology

Mr. Solomon Chang is an alumni mentor from the Class of 2011. During his time at San Marino High, he served as the head programmer of the team for three years and he was the Co-President his junior year. After graduating, he attended CalTech to study computer science. Now, Mr. Chang comes to our meetings to teach programming to our students, as well as offer advice and support to the team.

Jeng Yen

Dr. Jeng Yen

Dr. Jeng Yen – Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Jeng Yen is the founder of Titanium Robotics. He started the team in 2003 and he has been with us ever since, dropping in to give advice and support to our team. Dr. Yen’s works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory operating a Mars Rover. Because he has played such a huge role in our team’s history, he has been nominated for the Woodie Flowers award multiple times.



Ms. Adela Wee

Ms. Adela Wee – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Ms. Adela Wee is an alumni mentor from the Class of 2010. She was he President of our team in her junior year, and she was the head mechanic in her junior and senior years. After she graduated, she attended Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering to study mechanical engineering.  Now, she attends Worcester Polytechnic Institute and she works with Ocean Alliance, developing robots that can harvest biological samples from the depths of the ocean.



Mr. Zachary Hurst

Mr. Zachary Hurst – Space Systems Loral (SSL)

Mr. Zachary Hurst works for Space Systems Loral in their robotics departement. He has been heavily involved with FIRST in the past, mentoring Team 2823: the Automatons in Minnesota (he says hi, by the way). When he moved to California to work with SSL, he reached out to us, and since then, he has been helping us improve as engineers and as a team.



Mr. Ethan Rooke

Mr. Ethan Rooke – University of California, Riverside

Mr. Ethan Rooke is an alumni mentor from the Class of 2013. He currently is studying mathematics at UC Riverside. During his time at SMHS, he served as our Engineering VP and our head programmer. He drops by every now and then to impart the knowledge of programming and his words of wisdom to the members of Titanium Robotics.



Mr. Justin Chow

Mr. Justin Chow – University of California, San Diego

Mr. Justin Chow is an alumni mentor from the Class of 2013. In his senior year, he served as the team’s President and head mechanic. He now attends UC San Diego to study engineering. Despite the distance, he visits often to advise the mechanics in residents in their work. By the way, did I mention that he is also a professional arm wrestler?



Ms. Keiko Hiranaka

Ms. Keiko Hiranaka – San Marino High

Ms. Hiranaka’s experience with FIRST Robotics began when she was in high school and was a member of Team 1983 (go Skunks!!) While she attended Harvey Mudd College, studying math and computer science, she helped organize and execute several FIRST Scrimmages on campus. Now she is excited to continue her participation with FIRST Robotics with Team 1160!!