Outreach Time! Carver Science Fair

Outreach Time! Carver Science Fair

Ah, the good ole days: when Mentos and Coke was considered the ultimate science project. In short: elementary school.

We were honored to present several of our robots in the 2013 Science Fair at Carver Elementary last Thursday. Needless to say, the kids were speechless and amazed (we know this because they kept coming back for stickers). We are now out of stickers.

Don’t worry, children of San Marino! There is yet another chance to bask in the glory that is the FIRST robotics program. We will be presenting at the Valentine School Science Fair this Thursday. Come one come all!

From the Mouths of Our Members

So here at Team 1160, we spend a lot of time together. A LOT OF TIME. Enough to make us go crazy, actually. Here are some of the conversations so far, unedited for your enjoyment.

Q: “Why did you join robotics and what do you do?”
A: Julian, Freshman “Because I thought computer programming was interesting”
Q: “So you have been programming these last few weeks?”
A: “Yeah, kind of. This one time I also sat on the CRIO…”

Q: “What do you do in robotics?”
A: Daniel, Sophomore “I do electrics”
Q: “It’s electronics.”
A: “Sure…..”
*awkward silence
Q: “So, tell me a science joke.”
A: “I don’t know any.”
Across the room, someone yells, “HE WOULD TELL A GOOD SCIENCE JOKE, BUT ALL THE GOOD ONES ARGON!!!!!”

More to come.

Losing Sleep and Sanity. Everything According to Plan

It is officially halfway through the second week of build season, and our team has already put more than 100 collective hours. Here are the updates:

Mech is still prototyping parts of the robot, and also creating a pyramid to climb on. They have been researching other teams and are working on a variety of pathways to follow.

Our electronic team has been working hard, stripping away the robots of years past to create a basic drive train for drivers and programmers to test on. Speaking of drivers, tryouts have begun, and may the odds be ever in their favor.

Programmers, besides teaching the wave of new freshmen, have actively created a working program that drives the robot. Individuals have tested their code, we have gone over the structure of the program, and are experimenting with different techniques.

Expect great things.

Kick-Off: Update

It’s been a smooth transition into the new year and the new season.  We’ve begun planning and prototyping the different parts of the robot and we’re using everyone’s creativity to come up with different designs.  Everything’s running smoothly and Titanium Robotics is off to a great start!

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