From the Mouths of Our Members

So here at Team 1160, we spend a lot of time together. A LOT OF TIME. Enough to make us go crazy, actually. Here are some of the conversations so far, unedited for your enjoyment.

Q: “Why did you join robotics and what do you do?”
A: Julian, Freshman “Because I thought computer programming was interesting”
Q: “So you have been programming these last few weeks?”
A: “Yeah, kind of. This one time I also sat on the CRIO…”

Q: “What do you do in robotics?”
A: Daniel, Sophomore “I do electrics”
Q: “It’s electronics.”
A: “Sure…..”
*awkward silence
Q: “So, tell me a science joke.”
A: “I don’t know any.”
Across the room, someone yells, “HE WOULD TELL A GOOD SCIENCE JOKE, BUT ALL THE GOOD ONES ARGON!!!!!”

More to come.