Official Climb Video

Official Climb Video

Now, this post is actually pretty late, since it was released a few weeks ago, but just to have it on our blog: we’ve officially released our climb video for the 2013 FRC Season.

We used Boeing’s facilities during their bring a kid to work day to show off our robot to the kids and to inspire them to become active in robotics. ┬áThe video:

Banquet 2013

Last night, we held our banquet to celebrate another year gone by, to say our final farewells to the seniors, and to look back at the amazing accomplishments that our team had completed. In the past year, our team has grown so much in knowledge and ability.

At banquet, there were some sad parts, some funny parts, and some inspiring parts, but overall, the event was uplifting knowing that all of the amazing seniors would be going off to be successful individuals who weren’t limited to being stuck until past midnight in our little old room and instead had options and choices to make as fully fledged adults.

Here’s to a great 2012-2013 season and to a successful future for Titanium Robotics!

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