Movie Time: Spare Parts

Today, we took a break from the robo room to bond together as a team by watching a movie, Spare Parts.

Spare Parts, tells the story of how four undocumented students from Carl Hayden High School in Arizona formed a robotics team under the leadership of the school’s newest teacher, Fredi Cameron, who is played by George Lopez.  These students were dragged out of seemingly hopeless situations and came together to work towards a common goal: competing in a national robotics competition.

The team arrives at the competition with their robot. (Spare Parts, 2015)

The team arrives at the competition with their robot. (Spare Parts, 2015)

The competition was a water game. Robots were required to complete various tasks underwater. With less than $800 dollars in funding, the team built “Stinky”, a robot made out of PVC piping and pool noodles with glue and tampons for waterproofing.  Despite competing against colleges with budgets in the thousands, Carl Hayden High won the competition, beating high ranking colleges such as MIT, the defending champion from the previous year.

This movie hit pretty close to home. Although most of us have not faced some of the struggles portrayed in the film, we can certainly relate to many of their challenges and, of course, their passion for robotics. Hopefully, this touching story will inspire us to work harder over the rest of build season.

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