Week 2 Recap: Metal Prototyping!

After another week of hard work, the wooden prototypes that passed mentor review have been refined and we have started to build metal versions.

Prototype 1, the prototype with conveyor belts with hooks to pick up and stack both totes and cans, was chosen by both the mentors and the cabinet to progress to metal prototyping, as well as Prototype 2, the prototype that uses a two-piston pivot system to grab onto the game pieces.

Prototype 1 is headed by Jessica Cameron and Spencer Rooke. Half of the frame has been built and the planning and calculations are complete. Unfortunately, the projects require some key parts that haven’t been shipped yet, so progress will be delayed until those parts arrive.

Prototype 2, headed by William Li and Michael Chiang, is well on it’s way to completion. The grasping mechanism is pretty much complete. Most of the parts have already been built and now it’s just a matter of assembly. However, the group has yet to build the mechanism that will allow vertical movement. They plan on using a winch system with guiding rails to lift game pieces.

Our drive train is coming together nicely. We have assembled a frame and attached a set of fancy mecanum wheels. We plan on using modified hex shafts from Boeing to complete our project.

On Thursday we took a break from our builds and we visited the Valentine Elementary School/Huntington Middle School Science fair, where we showed off last years robot, Turbo, and educated the students in what we do and answered their questions. We also let the students drive using our practice bot.

Today we took over our school’s career center and turned it into a makeshift driving course for our annual driver tryouts. The drivers conducted time trials by driving our practice bot along this course and received penalties whenever they ran into other objects. The freshman class showed much promise with many handling the course with relative ease. Freshman Kyle Wong achieved an impressive 3rd place among all the competitors, with Junior Zach Kaufman at a close 2nd. However, the current driver, William Li, dominated the competition achieving 1st place out of 11 contestants.

Two weeks down, four to go! Stay tuned for next week’s update! Footage coming soon!