Week 3 Recap: Halfway there!

After working insanely hard this past week, the team has made significant progress, not to mention a few awesome things on the side.

Here are just some of the things we have done.


The two teams, Prototypes 1 and 2, have finished their metal prototypes and have gone over peer and mentor review.  Here are their finished products!


Prototype 1: This version features a metal frame instead of a wooden one. The ropes have been replaced with belts and the hooks now take the form of wooden custom hooks, instead of generic L-brackets.


Prototype 2: This prototype now sports a wooden frame with wood to support the electronics and pneumatics. In addition to the grasping system we have seen previously, this team has developed a lifting system composed of a motor, pulleys, steel cable and makeshift guide rails.

We have already selected the winning prototype and will continue to work on it for the rest of the season. Check back next week to see our progress!

In other news, we started an FLL Team! Click here to learn more!

The drive train is pretty much complete and ready to roll out. This is the first time the Titanium Robotics has used mecanum wheels, and we hope it will provide us an advantage in competition.


These mecanum wheels will give our robot a relatively high speed with a lot of maneuverability.

In the meantime, our drivers are having a field day with these.  It is safe to say that some of us like these new wheels a little bit too much.

These are only some of the things we have been working on and we can’t wait to show off the rest and time passes! We’re halfway through build season! Check back next week for yet another recap!