Week 5 Recap: The Danger Zone

Week 5 has been extremely hectic for us. With the design for the robot finalized, we found ourselves with even more work to do. Here’s just some of the things we have done.

The CAD model has been completed and sent out. The programmers have successfully finished programming for autonomous and are now getting to work on tele-op code and the driver’s station. Both the frame has been completed and is now mounted on our drive train.

The lifting mechanism has encountered a few obstacles, but the project as a whole is well on it’s way to completion. We first had some trouble with linear bearings, and finicky pistons, but everything is starting to sort itself out and fall into place. The grasping mechanism is also being built. We’ve decided to build quick-release graspers to we can remove them to stay inside the frame perimeter.

Sorry, for the shorter-than-usual recap. We are only preparing ourselves for the all-out insanity that is our last week of build season. See you on the other side.

Note: Our Roll-Out event will be on MONDAY, Feb. 16th at San Marino High School. You’re invited, you’re invited, everyone’s invited!