Week 6 Recap: Lights, Camera, Action!

As of 9:02 PM PST, February 17th, 2015, our robot has been bagged and tagged. Build season is finally over and we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming competition season!

The final week was filled with busy workers, late nights and a lot of food. We had a four day weekend and many of us spent all of it in the robo room, working away to finish our robot. As the clock ticked down to end of build season, we worked even harder, dedicating more time, effort and energy with each passing day. We had our robot operational by February 15th, and we used the rest of our time debugging and smoothing out the smaller details.

On February 16th, we staged our “Rollout” event, we invite everyone to the school to show off the final bot and everything else we’ve done with all the our awesome community has given us. Here’s a video to show you the title is what it is. (Will be linked later). As an added bonus, we had tons of food and even a small dance party.

The robot is finally done guys! To our members, thank you for working so hard this season! To our mentors, thank you for watching over us, for teaching us all you know, and for putting up with all of your shenanigans! To our parents, thank you for letting us work these insane hours and supporting us through this awesome journey!

This year, Team 1160 will be at the Los Angeles Regional and the Las Vegas Regional! We hope to see you there!!

Pictures and videos will be uploaded soon. Our Reveal Video and Chairman’s Video will be released soon!