Get Hyped For Competition Season!!

Our build season ended on February 17th, but here at Titanium Robotics, we aren’t just twiddling our thumbs, waiting for competition season to roll around. No no, no. We are doing that and so much more. Over this past month, we have been working on our practice bot, allowing our drivers to practice interacting with the game pieces in preparation for comp.  We also have been thinking of new strategies and refining already existing ones. Our quick release arms allow us to experiment with different types of arms. We’ve made arms that can make two stacks at the same time and arms specially designed to pick up cans, just to name a couple.

To add on to that, we now have a really cool driver’s station (will upload picture later) as well as a brand new battery cart that we are now painting. In addition to that, we are constructing a new pit, complete with a set of metal trusses, to replace our easy up tent.

All the members are extremely excited for competitions to arrive! Team 1160 will be at the Los Angeles Regional and the Las Vegas Regional! Our shirts are coming in this week (just in time, too!) so look forward to seeing us at comp with our new robotics swag.

That’s all for now! Good luck and we’ll see you at the competition!