Recap: Los Angeles Regional!

After three days of stress, perseverance, and ingenuity, Titanium Robotics has returned from a successful competition! We had tons of fun, learned a lot, and couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved! We made a Day 1 recap video for our folks back home. Click here to watch it!

TITANIUM lightbox

Titanium lightbox glows on a newly created driver station and battery cart.

Our drive team worked together beautifully! Captain Jon Chang coordinated everyone’s efforts, Human Player Keith Ng loaded totes and chucked litter like no tomorrow, and Drivers William Li & Zach Kaufman did what they do best, drive “o[Ti]s”, our robot.  Together, there was no obstacle they couldn’t overcome. In addition, scouting became more organized! Instead of the mess of papers we usually have, we got a nice, ordered list of all the teams and the qualities of their bots.

We went up against the best bots LA had to offer and gave them a run for their money. We flew through inspection quickly with no issues; we were on the field for every scheduled match, and we were the first team at LA to complete a cooperation stack! In the end, we finished 18th out of 66 teams, with an average match score of 49.56!

Although we didn’t win the competition, we still got to take home plenty of awards!

Thanks to our pit revamp, we won the Imagery Award for the first time! In addition to that, we won #1 Pit for Safety  and the Hardhat Safety Award, thanks to our Safety Captain, Ray Dobson!

Thank you everyone who has supported us on this journey! We will be competing in Las Vegas in 2 weeks! We hope to see you there!