T-Shirt Cannon!

Recently, another group of individuals have become a part of the Friday night games. Joining the ranks of cheerleaders, football players, and band members, is the Titanium Robotics team armed with their newest contraption, our t-shirt cannon.

The T-Shirt Cannon, in all its glory! PC: JK


Our Engineering President, Jessica Cameron, brandishing the t-shirt cannon (with our Vice President, Zach Kaufman, derpinf in the background. PC: J3

For the entirety of our off season, the team has been hard at work putting this beauty together. Many of our freshman got to put their new skills to the test, training in preparation for the upcoming build season. After months of work, we successfully built a robot that could shoot bundled t-shirts all the way up to the top of the stands.


Our Engineering Captain, William Li, catching a t-shirt at the top of the stands on testing day. PC: J3

The next day, we made our debut at San Marino’s homecoming game against the Temple City Rams. After every touchdown, we moved the robot our onto the track and fired bundled t-shirts and confetti into the crowd. Everyone had high spirits throughout the game, and the Titans won the game 56-8.


If you look closely in the background picture, you can see someone taking this very shot! PC: Stacey

The team keep comingĀ at our home football games, and the cannon never fails to send students running around the stands for a chance to catch a shirt. Hopefully, this can become a tradition of SMHS for years to come.


Bonus photo of the robot in front of the sunset. PC: J3