Week 2 of Build Season

This week the team worked hard to finalize our robot designs. Our CAD team worked tirelessly on designs and will continue to work well through week 3. As for mechanical engineering, two drive trains have been completed and we have begun machining other parts, which will hopefully be assembled later on in the course of the season.


Max CADding the drivetrain.

Though we’d had a substantial amount of hard work put in at the shop, it was closed for two days in an effort for us to focus a bit more on finalizing designs rather than building aimlessly. This ultimately helped the team loads as we got back to work on Saturday with energy to spare!


Olivia thinking about how to optimize this year’s robot.

Over on the business side, we’ve been working on our Chairman’s application, finalized this season’s T-shirt design, and have worked to attain a new sponsor. We are incredibly grateful that ICM Resources, Inc. has decided to join forces with us and help us to achieve more on the team. If you would like to help out as well, please visit the Donate tab on this website, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at titaniumrobotics@gmail.com


Just another candid of the team!

Overall, the team has had a successful and eventful week two and look forward to the many weeks to come!