Las Vegas Regional Day 1 and 2


Our Gucci drive team is preparing to impress our Versace team in the stands.


Power Cube in hand, Joystick is ready to demolish the other teams.


Double climb in action!

Originally, during the first day of the Las Vegas Regional our robot Joys[Ti]ck was overweight. It needed to be under 120 lbs, so the team had to Swiss cheese (cut holes in the robot) and replace parts in order to reach the requirement. In the end, the team just barely made it and the robot ended up at 119.9 lbs.

We were successful in 3 out of 5 of our practice matches.

Leading into Day 2, we started off shaky, but ultimately pulled it together. In one expectational match, the team received the maximum number of points from the autonomous period as well as from the exchange. Our climber has been consistent in its performance. In one case, we accomplished a double climb with one of our alliance partners. After Day 2, the team won 4 games and lost 5. We are now ranked 19th out of 44 teams.

Furthermore, Business Vice President Joshua Duncan, Public Relations Kimia Hassibi, and Engineering Captain Stella Yao presented for the Chairman’s Award. The winner will be announced tomorrow during the awards ceremony.

Stay tuned!