We’re half way done with the build season and Prototyping is slowly coming to a close!

We are nearing the end of the prototype stage and slowly moving towards the building of the actual robot! Programmers have started work on the new robot’s programming and the electricians have begun work!

We on the business team have begun to work on new business plans :D, brochures, and we’ve begun to put together a Brand Book!

The team visited Valentine and Carver again this past week for both their science fairs and they were thrilled to see a working robot and to be able to drive it around! Lots of parents came around to talk with us about the FIRST program and we had a lot of interest in the team!

Working Hard After Roll-Out
Gabe's Suspenders

Gabe’s Suspenders

Well, Roll-Out is over. We’ve showcased our robot to the public and we’ve got some great feedback and comments.  Now, it’s back to work and business as usual.  We at Titanium Robotics like to have alittle fun here and there, just to prevent ourselves from being too stressful, and today, our fellow team member, Gabriel, wore suspenders.  Just a little thing to get the minds off of robots and THE DEADLINE THAT’S THIS TUESDAY.


Roll-Out 2013! (+stress… just the usual……)

Titanium Robotics is hosting its Roll-Out 2013 on February 17, 2013!  Pics to come soon!  If you would like to join us for this exciting event, we’ll be hosting it at San Marino High School at 3:00PM.

On another note. . . It’s the final stretch of the build season and the mechs and programmers are working their butts off trying to finish the robot on time.  With 4 days left of the build season, we have been working hard to complete the robot on time.

Happy Chinese New Year! (Or less than 2 weeks left)

On a somewhat robotics related post, HAPPY YEAR OF THE SNAKE! We will be collecting our red envelopes and celebrating, but of course we are still building our robot (which actually looks like a robot now).

On another note, we have less than 2 weeks left until the end of build season (scream now).