We’re half way done with the build season and Prototyping is slowly coming to a close!

We are nearing the end of the prototype stage and slowly moving towards the building of the actual robot! Programmers have started work on the new robot’s programming and the electricians have begun work!

We on the business team have begun to work on new business plans :D, brochures, and we’ve begun to put together a Brand Book!

The team visited Valentine and Carver again this past week for both their science fairs and they were thrilled to see a working robot and to be able to drive it around! Lots of parents came around to talk with us about the FIRST program and we had a lot of interest in the team!

It’s that time of the year…

… when the school goes all out and puts together an amazing performance of all the performing arts groups in efforts to rally school pep… AKA the last Pep Rally at SMHS! This year, the ASB dedicated one of the tiles in our quad area to robotics! Thanks, SMHS ASB!


Today our team was awarded #1 for pit safety! Congrats to safety captain Justine! In her absence, team member Anson accepted this award.

Titanium Robotics in Spring Sports Assembly 2013

Titanium Robotics was invited to speak at the school’s Spring Spirit Assembly for this year. This is a great way for us to spread the message of FIRST and to increase registration for next year. We went all out for the spring sports and spirit assembly. Everyone wore their team shirts and jackets, and we even brought out the pom poms and cheered on our presidents! This was our chance to interest the school in robotics and to invite them all to come out to Long Beach March 21 for our home-town competition!

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