Galac[Ti]c was our robot that we made to compete in 2019’s FIRST Robotics Challenge, Destination: Deep Space. Its two main features were its arm and its lift mechanisms. The arm was at the front of the robot and could move up and down as well as intake and shoot handballs. The lift was on the back of the robot and was able to intake and shoot disk-like objects using velcro and pistons.

In 2019, we competed in the Orange County Regional and the Idaho Regional. At the Orange County Regional, we were ranked 20th overall with a record of 5-7-0 and won the Quality Award. At the Idaho Regional, we were ranked 16th overall with a record of 8-8-0 and won the Dean’s List Finalist Award (by Kimia Hassibi) and the Entrepreneurship Award. In the offseason, we competed at Battleship Blast and were ranked 15th overall.