One job of the Titanium Robotics business sub-team is to spread the message of FIRST and inspire young people, ultimately doing what our mission statement states:
Titanium Robotics is committed to encouraging young people, especially students, to become advanced in the fields of science and technology by providing engaging and inspirational activities that promote the exploration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (STEM Education) in a way that a normal classroom environment cannot.


In order for us to fully communicate the message of FIRST (and to plan meetings, etc.) we use online mediums such as Email, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, all of which are linked to from our website.


Fundraising is also an important part of maintaining the team’s stability. The business team organizes fundraisers and keeps us financially stable. We believe in having a personal relationship with the community that supports Titanium Robotics and we are extremely grateful to all.


The business team at Titanium Robotics is responsible for making sure our apparel looks great. They make sure that everyone wears the same shirt and jacket so that we can keep our apparel and imagery uniform with our brand.

Business Plan

More detailed information about the team in general or anything can be read about in our business plan (link below) that was also written and designed by our business team.


Titanium Robotics has been working on a unified and professional brand identity. We developed a comprehensive brand identity that standardizes our look across all media and especially in the pit. For resources regarding our brand including logos and our “Brand Book”, see our brand page.


Business Resources:


2015 Business Plan (~15MB)

2015 Marketing Plan (~3MB)


2014 Business Plan (~4MB)


2013 Business Plan (~3MB)

Titanium Robotics Marketing (~1MB)

2013 Budget (~16KB)

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