What We Do

CAD is computer assisted design. Basically, we model and put the robot through tests before we build it, saving time, money, materials, and people’s sanity.  Once we are done cadding (cadding v. to cad) we give the blueprints to our mechanical team who make the robot based on our models.  When our robot needs a part that we can’t make ourselves, we are responsible for creating them virtually and sending them to Boeing so they can make the parts using equipment we don’t have at home (e.g. 3D Printers, plasma cutters, particle accelerators, wormholes, magic, etc.).


Our cad models will be hosted by these awesome people. If your team has cad models it would be really cool if you would upload them there to contribute. Additionally, if you are learning, you can download to learn from other peoples examples.


You can contact us directly at titaniumrobotics+cad@gmail.com,
Or go to the chief delphi cad forum

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