Titanium Robotics has been working on a unified and professional brand identity. We developed a comprehensive brand identity that standardizes our look across all media and especially in the pit. The media team is responsible for making designs for our shirts, jackets, banners and other items that are in accordance with this brand and symbolize our unity as a team. For resources regarding our brand including logos and our “Brand Book”, see our brand page.


Photography is crucial in documenting our team’s progress and immortalizing the wonderful times we spend together while we work on the robot at 2 AM. The media team makes a season long time-lapse and takes photos during meetings, community events and competitions. Visit our Flickr to take a look at our photos and our Youtube Channel to see our time-lapses.


The Media Team is also responsible for making videos. In addition to the time-lapse, we also make a yearly robot reveal video and a chairman’s award video. To see all of those, visit our Youtube Channel.


This website is also managed by the media team. We use WordPress Open Source in combination with HTML5 and CSS to create the various templates and pages for the website. For more information, see our Website page.

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