Robot to play “Logomotion

 _D305037 copy

Drive Train – 6 wheel arcade drive train.

Manipulator – Mechanical metal arm, which could reach all 3 levels of tubes.  Had a very quick time of raising arm from ground to floor.  This arm made us a competitive opponent based on how we could score anywhere at any time.

Claw – Our arm had a 3-d printed claw made by Boeing, which was durable, light, and strong, which allowed us to easily pick up and score any of the 3 shapes.

Minibot Deployment – Our mini bot deployment is powered by a large piston, which has two attached two desk rollers, that steadily holds our minibot without bolting it to the frame.

Minibot – The mini bot on our robot is a small reliable robot, powered by two motors, with a unique activation.  The activation is powered by a push switch that activates when the piston hits the pole causing the minibot to turn on and magnetize to the pole, and reach the top in around ten seconds.  After hitting the top, it hits another switch which cuts off power, sending it down.