Our team strives to influence and impact many individuals in the local and international communities in the attempt to spread passion towards science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects.  Within our local community, we have impacted both students and their parents.



President Emeritus, Anya Kwan, explaining the robot used in Breakaway

We exhibited our robot at a nearby elementary school science fair and encouraged these students to continue fostering their interest in science and technology at school.   Our team has influenced middle school students in our district in a similar manner to the elementary students.  At the school’s Career Day we displayed our robot and encouraged the students to interact with it to instill the desire to consider pursuing their interest in STEM.

Within the high school we are part of, we have demonstrated our robot at sports assemblies, club days, and freshman orientation.  Our actions within the school have caused our member population to grow significantly showing that we, as a team, have been successful in spreading and sparking interest in technological areas.

Fundraisers and Events

Outside of our school community, we have encouraged the entire city to support the team through restaurant fundraisers. For these fundraisers, we motivated the community to eat at particular restaurants that gave the team a percentage of the profits.  Outside of our small community, we have presented at Boeing’s Open House and Boeing’s Bring Your Child to Work Day to further spread the message of FIRST and encourage technological passion.

Our team has emphasized sparking a passion for science and technology in as many people as possible by donating, giving presentations, demonstrating our robot and creating fundraisers.


The following restaurants helped us in our fundraising for Ghana and for the build season.

California Pizza Kitchen
Tony’s Pizza