A Solid Week 2 for Titanium Robotics

San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics has had an eventful second week of designing a robot for FIRST POWER UP, the 2018 FRC challenge. CAD, or three-dimensional computer-aided design, was the main focus for Titanium Robotics. It allows for the team to be on the same page with their vision for the robot. Members of the CAD division Lizzy Castreje, Yale Hone, Raymond Liu, and Max Winn have already created models of the robot’s drivetrain and Power Cube manipulator. They are currently producing engineering drawings for the climber and electrical board. “We are slowly fleshing out different designs for the various parts of the robot as the days progress,” explains Engineering President Emeritus Raymond Liu.


CAD for the drivetrain

Kobe helping Raymond with CAD

Kobe helping Raymond with CAD

Yale and Raymond CADding away

Yale and Raymond CADding away

With the engineering drawings in hand, mechanics of the team are working on the construction of the robot. So far, two drivetrain frames have been made, and the robot’s bumpers have been prototyped. Titanium Robotics is busy completing prototypes for the climber and the Power Cube manipulator of the robot in preparation of the next few days when the team will assemble the robot.


Elise doing electrical work


Olivia building part of a mechanism


Mechanical engineers working in the room


Olivia leading Angie through building a mechanism


Austin helping Jonathan assemble wheels


Electricians working on the electrical board


Electricians working on the electrical board


Kyle and AJ working on code

Meanwhile, the business field of Titanium Robotics has had much to do as well. They have been continuing work on their application for the FRC Chairman’s Award, a prize given to the robotics team who best embodies the goals of FIRST. Additionally, they have finalized T-shirt designs for members in the upcoming competition season. Most importantly, Titanium Robotics has attained a sponsorship from ICM Resources, Inc. Sponsorships like this provide the team with the money to buy resources for the manufacturing of the robot. If you would like to contribute, visit the Donate tab on the Titanium Robotics website, TitaniumRobotics.com.


President Shawn delegating work

All in all, the members of Titanium Robotics have accomplished many of the different tasks that need to be done during the build season. “Everyone who came and worked, even if they only were able to do so for a little while,  helped the team so much!” exclaimed Engineering Captain Stella Yao.

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