Beach Blitz

Last weekend on October 7th and 8th, San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics went to Beach Blitz, a FIRST Robotics Competition during the preseason. Titanium Robotics took S[Ti]rling, their robot from the previous season. S[Ti]rling could pick up gears from the ground and place them onto pegs as well as climb a five-foot rope. By participating in Beach Blitz, the team hoped to teach inexperienced members about how a typical robotics competition works. New members scouted other teams’ robots to assess their competition, worked to repair S[Ti]rling in the pit, and were part of the robot’s drive team, the group of people controlling and helping the robot. “The entire point of this competition was to give as many members as much experience as possible, not only for us to see who would be good in a certain position for the upcoming season but just for them to have fun and find what they like about robotics,” recapped Assistant Programming Captain Will Cockrum.

Although the team did not place in the top eight, Titanium Robotics is proud of what they accomplished during Beach Blitz. The incoming members gained firsthand experience and are better prepared for regular season. Freshman Elise Hong commented, “It was really interesting to watch because I’ve never seen a robot match in person before. I got to be up close, and I really enjoyed it.”  Through the competition, veteran members of the team were able to pass down their knowledge and insight. “Teaching the newcomers was really great, especially when it worked, and I saw that they were actively engaged. It’s really cool to have all these new people come and actually feel what I feel in terms of how great robotics is as an experience,” mentioned Former Engineering President Raymond Liu.


Along with teaching inexperienced members, Titanium Robotics benefitted by learning from other teams. During the competition, all members visited other teams’ pits to observe their robots. They recognized which mechanisms were effective in doing certain tasks during the matches and which ones were not. “Our goal was to be able to see all the different types of ways to build something for one function so that we could be inspired by those ideas for future competitions and future goals,” explained Mechanical Captain Olivia Cameron. Overall, attending Beach Blitz was a success for Titanium Robotics.

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