Comic Book Debut

Titanium Robotics is releasing the first comic of their digital comic book series on Monday, October 9th. The team is working to find innovative methods of marketing. They are creating these comics as a means to promote their team and robotics as a whole. “I hope this comic book helps inspire children to join the FIRST program,” remarks Business Vice President Joshua Duncan.

In the series, the team’s robots come to life as superheroes. United under Mr. Barton, Titanium Robotics’ head advisor, they fight to take down criminals and save the day. Seniors Jane Park and Peter Zhu have designed the illustrations for these comic books. Titanium Robotics will produce these comics on a monthly basis. This month, the plot is focused around O[Ti]s, the team’s robot in the 2014 Recycle Rush for FRC. Co-designer Peter Zhu reflects, “Although it was tough work and took a lot of planning, it gives me a very professional feel. The comic will be legendary.” You can read the digital comics by visiting!

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