Danny’s Farm

Last Saturday, on September 9th, San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics came out to support the Fall Classic for the Farm, a benefit for those with Autism. The event was run by the Danny’s Farm non-profit organization. It works to provide opportunities for the learning and understanding of the disorder, offer a friendly and loving space for those with special needs, and find employment for adults with developmental disabilities. “The way in which Danny’s Farm spreads awareness for Autism is very innovative,” commented Engineering President Shawn Thai. The organization informs others about their cause through petting farms such as the Fall Classic for the Farm.

At the benefit, there were animals including goats, bunnies, sheep, a cow, and a pig for guests to pet. Visitors received autographs from and photos with MLB greats. They also helped themselves to Dodger Dogs, which were being barbecued during the event. Titanium Robotics brought their T-Shirt Cannon and shot to those at the event. “It was great to see all of the kids’ smiling faces as they chased the t-shirts down and drove the robot around,” remarked Sophomore Madeleine Haddad. Additionally, the San Marino High School baseball team hosted activities, such as practicing footwork and batting. Face painting and a silent auction were held as well. To wrap up the benefit, MLB players, including the Dodgers’ Orel “The Bulldog” Hershiser, spoke to the crowd. Overall, Titanium Robotics viewed Fall Classic for the Farm as a success on many levels. Freshman Marcus Chua concluded, “Danny’s Farm promotes a great cause, and the organization allowed for Titanium Robotics to show our support. They helped us help others, in a sense.”

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