End of Summer Camp

Last week, on July 13, the San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics team wrapped up the final week of their summer camp. Over a period of six weeks, incoming members were introduced to the world of robotics by current members of the team.
The new recruits accomplished a great deal during the camp. Most of them came in unaware of how to use many of the tools in robotics, and they ended up creating a fully functional robot able to compete in a FIRST Robotics Competition. This transformation is due to the many lessons held in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, programming, and CAD (computer-aided design). Eighth grader Kylie Oh comments, “I enjoyed learning CAD and working in mechanical engineering.” With this acquired experience, the newcomers designed a robot for Logomotion and Recycle Rush, previous First Robotics Competitions. “Planning and prototyping were fun!” says incoming Freshman Brandee De La Cruz.
The new members left the camp with new skills that can help them greatly in the future. Junior Caroline Voxman remarks, “I’ve figured out how to use a drill, which I never thought I’d learn how to use. Also, from designing robots, I’ve learned to think outside of the box more.” Overall, the camp was successful in training the recruits in the fields of robotics. Brian Chu, a Cabinet member of the team, reflects, “Incoming members were able to get used to the robotics room and its tools as well as gain experience constructing and prototyping. Now, they know how it’s like to be on the team and are fully prepared for the upcoming season.”

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