Robo for Breast Cancer

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics is starting an event they have named Robo for Breast Cancer. Throughout the month of October, they are going pink to spread word of the cancer. Sophomore Madeleine Haddad comments, “We really wanted to do this because breast cancer can affect anyone, not just a certain group of people.” Titanium Robotics has designed pink breast cancer t-shirts. Members of the team will be wearing these shirts as well as shooting them from their T-Shirt Cannon during football games.

Titanium Robotics will also be utilizing their online reach for breast cancer awareness. All their platforms will be rebranded from blue to pink. For instance, their Instagram, @frc1160, will consist of pink posts which raise awareness of breast cancer. Additionally, the team’s website,, will be made pink. The team will also be showing support of the cause to their followers on their Twitter account, @frc1160. By doing so, Titanium Robotics hopes to spread knowledge of the disease and help progress the search for finding a cure.

On the last Friday of Robo for Breast Cancer, Titanium Robotics is going to be holding a Girls’ Night Out. At the San Marino High School football game, the T-Shirt Cannon will be run entirely by girls. The team aims to demonstrate that women are capable and crucial in the fields of science and technology. Mechanical Captain Olivia Cameron recaps, “Over the month of October, Titanium Robotics hopes to draw attention to breast cancer as well as emphasize the importance of women in STEM.”

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