Second Comic Book Issue

San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics is coming out with the second issue of its comic book series. Created by Jane Park and Peter Zhu, the comic portrays the team’s robots from previous years banding together to face villains and restore justice. The series also corresponds to what Titanium Robotics has gone through, offering a more entertaining approach to chronicling the team’s story. “It is very different and new. I liked how it has all original artwork,” remarked senior Jacob Yee.

Last month’s comic introduced the team’s robot O[Ti]s as well as the comic’s antagonist corporation, Project Core. Business Vice President Joshua Duncan commented, “I’m glad the first comic was a success, and I hope this next one helps expand upon the first edition!” The upcoming issue is longer than the last and focuses in on Mr. Barton, the chief advisor of Titanium Robotics. Taking on a role like Nick Fury, Mr. Barton oversees the superhero robots and gives them missions. This issue will be released on Friday, November 17th. You can read the digital comic series at!

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