SMHS Robotics, 21 Choices Serve “Fro-Yo” at Middle School

For two weeks, San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics has been raising funds for next year’s competition robot by selling cool and refreshing frozen yogurt to students at Huntington Middle School with the help of 21 Choices in Old Town Pasadena. Students at the middle school have been snacking on the healthy and fresh flavors of soft-served yogurt hand picked by parents and students of the robotics team and concocted at the 21 Choices in Pasadena. Flavors have included fresh strawberry, fresh peach and chocolate, and new flavors are brought every Tuesday and Thursday during snack break at the middle school. With a generous donation from 21 Choices, 100% of the proceeds will go towards funding Titanium Robotics’s 2014 Build Season. The Robotics team will be selling until the end of summer school every Tuesday and Thursday.

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