Summer Camp

This summer, the San Marino robotics team, Titanium Robotics, has been hard at work, preparing new members for the upcoming robotics season. Incoming members have been guided by mentors and current members of the team, creating an enjoyable learning experience. Eighth grader Kylie Oh remarks, “The camp’s really fun, and it’s exciting to build and create your own projects.”
The new members were first safety trained and made familiar with essential power tools, such as the bandsaw, drill, chop saw, screwdriver, and drill press. Those interested in the electrical field of robotics also learned how to solder. Additionally, courses have been held in order to teach incoming members how to program and use CAD (computer-aided design). “It’s cool to be able to work all of the equipment I used to not know how to use,” exclaims eighth grader Kaylee Campana.
With this guidance, the newcomers have designed machines that can lift totes and learned how to operate robots. Max Hancock, a future Freshman, explains, “I like the summer camp. It’s good and very enjoyable. We get to work on projects that will help us during school year. I can’t wait for regular season.” By the end of the summer camp, the incoming members will gain much more experience as they learn to build more mechanisms.
President Shawn Thai sums up the progress of the summer camp, “Things are running smoothly. The newcomers have learned safety precautions and how to properly use tools. The team has been successful in teaching incoming members about mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, programming, and CAD. Following this course, new members will be as experienced as current members of the team by the end of summer.”
Fortunately, anyone going into high school can still join the last few weeks of the summer camp. You can sign up at Sessions will be held every Wednesday and Thursday from 1 – 4 pm until July 13th.

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