Titanium Robotics Ends Build Season With a Bang!

During the beginning of the last week of the FRC build season, San Marino High School’s Titanium Robotics refined their chain mounting points, made a brake disc that could hold up the lift, mounted the climber’s pistons, and perfected the intake. Still, members were not pleased and believed they could do better. On Friday of that week, the team decided to have the robot they had previously designated to use during competition become their practice robot. This meant they had to make their new robot in only three days. “Although we had little time, creating the second robot allowed for us to account for the obstacles we’d faced when assembling the first robot, making the final robot cleaner ,” explained Senior Anson Kwan.

Following this decision, Titanium Robotics got down to business. Members dedicated their free time from Presidents’ Day Weekend and worked until as late as 2 am. Trying to maintain order during crunch time, the team followed their engineering drawings and machined every part of the new robot. They then assembled the drivetrain to create the framework for the robot. Next, the winch, which helps the robot with climbing, was made. Titanium Robotics constructed the cascading lift that will raise Power Cubes up to seven feet high during the competition. Afterwards, the climber of the robot was attached. To finish it all off, they added the Power Cube intake and spray painted the entire robot their team colors, blue and white.

With their robot finished, Titanium Robotics held their annual rollout. They explained this year’s FRC game, FIRST POWER UP, to the parents, sponsors, and other important members of the community who attended. Then the team revealed what everyone had been waiting for: the design of the robot and its name,“Joys[Ti]ck”. Titanium Robotics demonstrated how Joys[Ti]ck could manipulate Power Cubes and climb a seven-foot rung. To wrap up the day, the robotics room was opened for everyone to see how members created a fully functioning robot in only six weeks.

The next day, the team retested Joys[Ti]ck’s actions to make sure everything was running properly. They refined everything they could until 9 pm, the deadline for the completion of all FRC robots. Titanium Robotics then bagged and tagged their robot, thus ending a taxing but gratifying build season. “All in all, the team came together and did a great job of constructing our robot. I can’t wait to compete with Joys[Ti]ck at matches in Las Vegas and Aerospace Valley!”, exclaimed Sophomore Madeleine Haddad.

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