Titanium Robotics is Up and Rolling

Following the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff, SMHS Titanium Robotics has been hard at work planning their robot. On Sunday, January 7th, they met up at Engineering Vice President Nathan Lee’s house to prototype possible designs out of cardboard for the robot. Having a physical model of their designs, the team worked out the initial kinks in their numerous ideas. By Tuesday of that week, they had all agreed upon the final design of the robot and began prototyping it with the material used in the game. Meanwhile, the CAD team was busy creating 3D digital models of the robot’s mechanisms, and programmers were perfecting code for a practice drivetrain that Titanium Robotics had built during offseason.

The business side of the team spent their time updating their website,  TitaniumRobotics.com, to include information about current cabinet members and mentors of the team. Additionally, they worked on composing an application for the FRC Chairman’s Award as well as posters for the upcoming season. Thinking ahead, Titanium Robotics made sure to document how they designed the robot. This will be useful for members in future years to be able to understand the thought process that went into the design.

Overall, on all fronts, the Titanium Robotics’ first week of the FRC build season has been very productive. The team will be having their annual roll-out session on Monday, February 19th. Held at the College and Career Center in San Marino High School, the roll-out will be showcasing this year’s competition, what the team did during the season, and Titanium Robotics’ final robot, answering any questions visitors may have.

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