Titanium Robotics Brand Guidelines

This page is a resource that is available to the press, the FIRST organization, other FIRST teams, and for other non-commercial uses.  The images on this page are the intelectual and creative property of Titanium Robotics. The full set of guidelines that includes everything from official color palettes to letterheads is available in our Brand Book (v6).


Titanium Robotics Vector Logo

The most up-to-date logo in vector form.

The JPG format can be downloaded from the theme files

To us, a brand is not just the logos, the colors, and the icons. A brand is the people, it’s what you experience when you read about or talk to the team or any of its members. Our Brand Book explains our approach to the Titanium Robotics experience. It outlines how we write, how we talk about ourselves, and how we make our team different and unique within the FIRST community, along with the logos, the color palettes, and everything associated with the brand’s look. We feel like a brand is just as much about the feel as it is about the look.

You can take a look at our Brand Book below!

View the full Brand Book (v6)


Every Logo in Every Format
This includes the different stylistic options for the logo and the bird vector in both white and blue.

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