Recycle Rush is the name of the game we played for the 2014-2015 FIRST Robotics Competitions. The game is played by two teams of 3, with the opposing sides sealed off. The objective was to stack as many totes as possible, and we had the option of placing a can on top of the stack for bonus points. In addition, we could also score points with pool noodles (litter) by throwing them onto the opposing teams side with the human player.


Our President and Glorious Leader, Jonathan Chang, performing final checks on o[Ti]s before the match. PC: JK

After six weeks of hard work, we built “o[Ti]s” a robot with moving prongs in the front with a lifting mechanism that could move the arms up and down. We used this to grab totes and cans (with considerable force, if I may add) and lift them to create stacks.


o[Ti]s and our two drivers, Zach and Will, are ready to start the match! PC: J3

We went to the Los Angeles Regional and the Las Vegas Regional, earning 18th place  and 22nd place, respectively. We also won the Quality award in LV, the most prestigious engineering-based award the team has earned in its history.   At the LA Regional ,we were awarded the Imagery Award, something the team’s business and design teams have been working towards for the past four years.


One of the judges taking a picture of o[Ti]s during inspection. He was very impressed with the wiring, done by our one and only Spencer Rooke. PC: JK