The San Marino High School Titanium Robotics team is separated into four divisions: the mechanics team, CAD (computer-assisted design) team, programming team, and business team.

The mechanics team is tasked with the construction of the robot. They are the parents and creators; they take nothing but imagination and scrap metal, apply a little bit of force, and create our pride and joy.

The CAD team is responsible for the conceptual and virtual structuring of the robot. They are the gods behind the scenes, directing orders and shaping the design. They work with Boeing to order our parts, figure out measurements, and dictate the rules upon which our robot is meant to act.

The programming team lovingly gives life to the robot. They breathe soul into the empty husk of scrap metal,  connecting the drivers and drive trains. They create the invisible wires that connect everything. They speak Java and C++, absorb the light of their computer monitors, and masterfully work the strings.

The business team, believe it or not, does magic without ever touching the robot. They feed us, organize our quests into competitions, and make us look like kings in our matching T-shirts. They make money rain from the heavens (through grants) and bring together our alumni and parent support. They also write this website :D

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