When the team meets before kick-off, Titanium has different projects to work on to practice their skills.

For example, Mr. Walker, a teacher at San Marino High School, asked us to build him a rack to dry his screens for his screen printing class.

Other projects include fixing chairs for the custodians at our school and replicating small model cars. Recently, we were approached by the school board to create signs for emergency kits in each classroom. These signs allow teachers to help students locate them in the event of a crisis. Sometimes, we take a games from previous years and practice brainstorming, designing and prototyping so everyone can be familiarized with the building process . Things like this help the members get better practice with planning measuring, cutting, and drilling so they will be prepared for when the build season comes up.


On the programming side, we teach our members how to code by showing them the ropes and then making them do simple exercises. This will help the programmers prepare for build season and create the code necessary to run the robot.  After build season ends, we start applying these skills to more complicated projects by creating mobile apps, developing simple video games, and making mods for games like Minecraft.  Through these endeavors, programmers will gain more experience so that they may be able to improve themselves for next year and teach new generations of programmers.